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Weingut Tröpfltalhof

The farm counts approx. 2.6 ha of vineyards and 1.1 ha of meadows and fields. The land has always been cultivated by our family. More than 30 years ago I took over the farm and for 15 years I managed it conventionally without herbicides, synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. In 2004 we got to know biodynamic farming. In addition to wine, we also grow small amounts of spelt and an old local variety of maize that we have been selecting for 12 years according to our best biodynamic conscience. A small flock of sheep grazes among the vines, gives us the manure to make compost and at the same time strengthens the spiritual component of the farm. For us, biodynamics is not a method of cultivation but a holistic development of the farmer with his farm. Our thoughts are turned towards the soil, we prefer to work for something and try to keep treatments against something to a minimum; that is why, in addition to the biodynamic preparations, we also use tea of nettle, chamomile and dandelion to strengthen the vital forces.

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The minimalist approach is also continued in the cellar. We take nothing away from our wines and add nothing to them except our loving affection.Spontaneous fermentation, no finings, no pumping. We do not make wines, we accompany them in their natural development. The only tolerated additive is max. 35 mg of sulphur in the bottling. Most of the approx. 8,000 - 10,000 bottles are vinified in clay amphorae, including our flagship
"Sauvignon Anphora Garnellen".

Retail sale and guided winery tours upon reservation.



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